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1.General introduction:

Powder coatings aremixed with a certain proportion of the resin, fillers, curingagents and other additives, then prepared by hotextrusion ,crushed andsieved.The productsare stable at roomtemperature storage, then baking heatmelted and solidified to form a smooth and bright permanent coating to achieve thepurpose of decoration and corrosion.


1).The products are non-toxic, solvent-free and non-toxic volatile substances,there are no intoxication, no fire, no "three wastes" emissions and other pollutionproblems, in full compliance with national environmental laws.

2). Raw material utilization is high, the highest utilization rate even more than99%.

3). After being pre-coated handle, disposable construction, without primer,you can get a sufficient thickness of the coating, easy to automate operation, highproduction efficiency, reduce costs.

4). Dense coating adhesion, good impact strength and toughness, high coverage corners, with excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and electrical insulation properties.

5).Powder coatings storage and transport are safety and convenience.

3.Product series:

The products include high light ( above 86%),glazed (76%-85%),matte(20%-50%),low light (below 20%). We also offer a variety of shiny products according to the needs of users.

4.Powder physical properties:

Proportion : 1.2-1.8 (depending on the color and gloss ) .

Particle size distribution: 100% less than 125 microns (more than 85% between 60 to 90).


Curing conditions:200°C,10 minutes.

5.Average coverage:

8-10m³/kg, the membrane is 60μm(calculate by 100% utilization rate of powder coating).


Carton packaging, lined with double polyethylene bag, net weight 20 kg.

7.Storage requirements:

Store below 30 °C, ventilated, dry, clean room, not near the fire, heat, direct sunlight, open dumps is prohibited.Under this condition, the powder can be stable for 12 months, more than the storage period may be re-examined, such as the results meet the requirements, can still be used.

8.Health and safety:

This product is non-toxic. In the course of inhalation of dust should be avoided. The operators should wear appropriate dust mask and glasses.

9.Coating performance

Coating performance
Test items Inspection standards Test indicators
High light Glazed/ Matte /Low light
Impact resistance ISO6272 GB/T1732-1993 50kg/cm 40kg/cm
Cupping test ISO1520 GB/T9753-1988 8mm 7mm
The adhesion (grid method) ISO2409 GB/T9286-1998 0
Bending ISO1519 GB/T6742-1986 2mm 3mm
Pencil Hardness ASTMD3363 GB/T6739-1996 1H-2H
Salt spray test ISO7253 GB/T1771-1991 >500 hours
Damp heat test ISO6270 GB/T1740-1979 >1000 hours
Heat resistance 110°C/24 hours(white) Good gloss retention, E≤0.3-0.4
Florida weathering exposure ISO2810 South 45 °,12mons Gloss retention≥50%
Artificial accelerated aging 60°C/8hours + 50°C/4hours condensing,cycle for 500 hours Gloss retention≥50% Color stability:E≤0.35
Annotate: 1.The above experiment uses 0.8mm steel with degreasing and rusting, and the coating thickness are 50-70 microns.
2.The above coating performance may be lower as shiny and slightly lower.

10.Why choose our products?






11.MSDS for powder coating.

12.We have our own factory, 8 production lines and a complete set of testing equipment.

13.We will arrange for SGS testing at regular intervals. In order to confirm our products meet the environmental standards.

14.We do many certifications to confirm every parts meet the national standard.

15. We have exported to many countries, and getting unanimous praise. Also many customers visited our company.